I remember when I was about 17 I had a friend who was in her cussing phase. She would use the word fuck at least once in every sentence and I didn’t understand why she used that kind of language. I would cringe every time and I would always ask her why she had such a dirty mouth. Before I started to learn to drive the worst word out of my mouth was stupid but when I started driving a few months shy of my 18th birthday my vocabulary changed drastically.

I soon started joining my friend and used the word fuck quite often although because I grew up in Mexico I was also cussing in Spanish. My favorite words to use are cabron, pendejo, puta madre, puto and a la chingada. The year after I started driving I went to Spain to visit family and my new favorite word was joder, until my mom pretty much told me to cut it out.

Driving in Mexico is different than driving in the U.S. I am an aggressive driver and it is because people, especially taxi and bus drivers, don’t drive all that well there (at least not where I was raised) and I was very comfortable giving people the evil eye, honking my horn and yelling “pinche puto”. People don’t tend to be confrontational there so I was never worried that I would have someone drive after me and go crazy.

When I moved here (U.S) my dad told me to be careful, not to honk my horn if I could avoid it and to try not being so aggressive. I thought he was being a bit paranoid and then one day I went out to dinner with my sister and some friends. We were driving all over D.C looking for a parking spot and when we found one my sister drove towards it. We noticed a car coming the opposite way but we were closer to the space so we parked. We get out and these people just gave us an evil look and I immediately got anxious and worried. Went to dinner and had fun, forgot about the weirdoes in the car until we get back to the parking space. Low and behold the freaks had slashed one of the tires on my sisters car. Ummm question…why?

After that I have tried to be more careful but when people really make me mad I can’t help but honk the horn. Isn’t that the point of having one? Who knew honking the horn nowadays could get you killed. Sometimes when I cut someone off and then they stay behind me I wonder if they are going to follow me home and slash my tires or something. Yes, I can be paranoid but unfortunately in todays society these thoughts are more realistic than they should be. Why do we get so crazy on the road? What are we thinking when we make the decision to slash tires or shoot someone over road rage?