Retail Woes


So… How many of you have a job that you are really passionate about? What about a job that you love? There are people that live to work and others that work to live. If you live to work good for you and I envy you. I hope to get there sometime soon but for now I work to live as a lot of us do.

I work in retail like I mentioned on my first post and I don’t like it but it’ll have to do for now. Why don’t I like it? Well….. I have never been a big people person and my perception of people hasn’t always been positive. I think it’s because my dad works in tourism and we would hear about things that customers did. All my jobs have been customer service based and I unfortunately remember the negative moments more than the positive.


It also doesn’t help that less than half of the people you say hello to respond. Most of them either ignore you or give you a weird look. I remember just a few days ago I said hello to a woman and she didn’t say anything back. About half an hour later I felt movement behind me so I said hello on impulse, turns out it was the same woman and I heard her mutter under her breath “again”? I wanted to say yes I said it again! Why cant you just say hello back and be done with it? When I get these people ( and sadly there are a lot) all I want to do is go up to them and say “Hey, I said hello. Didn’t you hear me?”

I had a customer once that wanted to exchange an item, same item different color. It had been maybe a day or two after we had offered this 25% off sale so she wanted the price lowered to match the item she got on sale. Well the sale was over and I no longer had a coupon to get the reduction so she needed to pay the difference. I tell her “The difference is 9 dollars”. She goes ballistic! “Don’t tell me 9 dollars you are making me nervous. It is a simple transaction. You don’t know anything (yelling).” I just kept thinking if 9 dollars make you nervous what the hell are you doing here?! I had a customer witness it all and told me not to take it personally but it’s hard for me because I overthink things and rude people do get to me. I think they get to everyone.

The problem with being in retail for me is that I am not a hypocrite and dealing with customers means you have to be that way at times. My face is very easy to read.

I am also a smartass. I had a customer tell me flat out that I was a horrible associate. I said thank you. I know, shouldn’t have said it but like I said before I am not a people person. My perception of people now? Still very iffy. People have spoken to me several times like I was an idiot. Sales associates are like everyone else. We are not beneath you or above you so don’t talk to us like we will never amount to anything better.

I’ve had people come to me in a hurry and snap their fingers at me. That…. really….irks….me. If you are in a hurry make the stop later.

So why do we act this way?