Hey Bitch!


Honey, Sweetie, Baby, are all terms of endearment that we give to people we care about. I honestly don’t use these words and don’t throw them around for just anyone but most normal people do. Now however, bitch seems to be a word that is being added to this list and I am very confused and dumbfounded as to why.

I remember the first time I heard girls call each other bitch without the venom that is usually heard in someone’s tone of voice while being spat out. I had gone to visit a cousin of mine and celebrated my 25th birthday with her. She got a little drunk and her and her friends just started saying things like “Aww, you bitch” or “Hey bitch, what’s up?” when waving at friends. I kept thinking….umm what? Come again? Are they using that word as a term of endearment? It really caught me off guard.

The worst thing you can call me is a bitch. I remember when I was in college I got a call in my dorm and it was just some bored prick making random phone calls but he called me a bitch and hung up. I had trouble sleeping that night so hearing these girls use this word so freely was a little upsetting to me. I know people might say that we shouldn’t give words power, you know, the whole sticks and stones bit but most of us aren’t as strong as that and we do take things to heart whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not.

Bitch has a negative connotation because lets face it, this word has almost always been used as an insult. There are so many other words we women could use to empower ourselves. Why not use a positive uplifting word instead of bitch? When I think someone is a bitch it sure isn’t cause I like her.