My pen name is Rae Myst. I work in retail and the customers are …..interesting. I have always worked in some type of customer service so I wonder a lot about humanity and their behavior.

When I was younger I used to have like 5 different diaries that I wrote in everyday so I missed writing and I had never really thought about making my opinions public until recently. I am very honest and quite a smartass so if you don’t want my opinion on something don’t ask me. I am very quite. I observe and wonder in my mind but never really put it in a public forum. I also don’t like sharing emotions and I don’t open up much. I thought this would be a good exercise to get me to open up more, polish up on my writing and hopefully get people to think about our society. Why we do, act, and say the things we say (trust me, I am not perfect and you’ll see that on my blog).

Happy Reading.


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