Risky Business


What is your first thought when you hear the word Risk? I know that there is the group of people who will mentally shit their pants at the mention of it and there are others that will get excited by it. Some people just thrive on the word and they smile in the face of a challenge. I think I am somewhat in the middle. I don’t mentally shit my pants, more like pee, but I also don’t really thrive on it. I always need to run my ideas by my friends and family and then I decide whether I should take the dive or not.

I do think I need to embrace the risks that come into my life more head on. I am very dependent on what others say around me that it could potentially keep me from living my life if I was talked out of taking a risk that could change my life for the better. I am currently thinking about moving to California. I had always had the idea of moving to the west because I studied film and its just the best place for the opportunity but I wanted to wait until I was 30. Lets just say it’s not working out that way. I didn’t expect to get depressed like I have been and I figured I would at least have my foot in the door by now…. alas… it ain’t happening that way. I have had at least 4 opportunities to get into something potentially exciting but they all fell apart. At this point the best thing for me is to move to the west coast and hopefully get an entry level position in a production company.

It is hard for me to take risks. I can get very complacent and I am terrified of what might happen if the risks I take don’t pan out but then I look at where I am now. I haven’t taken any life changing risks and the result of that is me working in a job I can’t stand, restless and depressed. At this point I really have nothing else to lose…..except for money.

I don’t know if I could just pack up and go with the little money I have and see what happens…. I mean come on!! I am still very new to this risk thing. My first risk was deciding to write this blog, but if I become restless enough I might end up doing that. Right now I am applying to jobs in the west coast and hopefully that way I wont go in so blind. Do you get scared every time you take a risk or do you get over it the more you face it?

I hear that your dreams are meant to scare you and if they don’t they aren’t big enough… so why do we shy away from something that we know will uplift us and make us happy?



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